Filigran panels


Filigran flooring panel is a reinforced concrete flooring slab (thickness: 50 mm or more) used as a combined structural and falsework unit. The structural design is always project-specific to safeguard the maximum cost efficiency of reinforcement. The filigran flooring system have the same properties as the monolithic flooring system, but the construction is much faster and easier; neither of the applications is in need of formwork. The bottom surface is smooth, ready to obtain easy to apply thin-film coating.


Filigran flooring panels are used to make a composite RC floor system, which has a precast part (reinforced concrete slab, thickness: 50 -70 mm, with a protruding steel reinforcement for composite action) and a monolithic part (a concrete layer constructed in situ as thick as designed). The two parts of the construction are bound together (composite action) by a truss-type reinforcement protruding from the slab, with the interface shear transfer.

Use recommendations: structural floors in residential and community buildings, family houses, etc.

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