With more than 65 years of experience operating in Slovakia, we offer a wide variety of performance options ranging from conventional work methods to customized solutions.


Motorways and roads

Account for almost 70% of our production activities 

Motorways and expressways

1st – 3rd class roads

Local roads

Forest roads

Service roads 

D1 highway Jablonov - Studenec, Phase II. - left lane
Reconstruction of intersections on 1st class roads Phase III. - I/76 Štúrovo, Nánanská
Modernization of road infrastructure in Prešov region, 2nd class roads II/545 Kapušany and II/545 Kapušany - Raslavice
I/68 Mníšek nad Popradom – state border SR/PR, relocation of the road
D1 highway Svinia - Prešov West


We specialize in the construction of road bridges and motorway bridges made of reinforced concrete and
pre-stressed concrete

Precast concrete bridges

Monolithic RC construction

Steel concrete composite bridges

Cable-stayed and suspension bridges

Parchovany Bridge
Horný Zemplín, reconstruction, security solutions for the 1st class road I/15 Sedliská-Holčíkovce
I/68 Mníšek nad Popradom – state border SR/PR, relocation of the road
Orlov Bridge
D1 highway Svinia - Prešov West

Hard surface pavements

Our activities also include:

Urban central zones and squares

Sheet piling and slope reinforcement

Cycling paths, footways

Parking areas, airfields

Urban renewal projects

Reconstruction of the city square in Trenčín
Skalica - reconstruction of the city center
Reconstruction of the Craft street in Košice cityt center - streets Hrnčiarska, Vodná, and Rumanova
JLR - Jaguar Land Rover
Mníšek nad Popradom – landslides

Completed projects

For more information about all the construction projects completed, please click  "References".


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